Myers Group Continuous Wellness Program

Myers Group Continuous Wellness Program

Katy Nishida
Katy Nishida
May 1, 2024

Welcome to the The Myers Group Continuous Wellness Program!

Our exciting new continuous wellness program that launched April 1st will provide you with an opportunity to receive rewards (Myers Group Gift Cards, fitness tracker) all year long for improving your well-being! You will earn Wellable Points for tracking your physical activity, logging meals, setting a personal goal, and learning about and engaging in behaviors associated with a monthly wellness topic (e.g. Physical Activity, Stress Management, Nutrition). You can learn more about Nutrition, March’s health topic, and how Wellable Points can be earned in the Special Activities section below. This board will also highlight the monthly Health Hero, an inspiring employee who has achieved a significant wellness goal!

How It Works

You will accumulate your points in April & May and be placed into a Points Tier according to the graphic below. This will determine the reward you will receive in June for all your hard work toward being healthy!

Just by watching the nutrition videos below or by averaging 2,000 steps per day, you will be on track to reach the Tier 1! If you add meal logging, you will reach Tier 2. You will have until June 2nd to log all your April and May physical activities that will count toward your tier and associated reward. The Special Activities need to be logged by the end of each month March.

We are also providing you the option of earning a fitness tracker instead of a Tier 2 gift card of $40 if you prefer. Simply send an email to if you reach Tier 2 or 3 at the end of a program period (i.e. April & May, June & July, etc.) and let her know that you would prefer to receive the tracker instead. The model is TBD but it will sync with Wellable and allow you to track your steps and other activities!

There are four main ways you can earn Wellable Points in the program: (i) Tracking your physical activity, (ii) Logging your meals using the FatSecret or Fitbit app, (iii) Learning about and engaging with the monthly holistic wellness topic, and (iiii) Filling out and sharing a personal goal worksheet. Below are how Wellable Points for physical activity and meal logging will be calculated. Check out this month’s holistic wellness topic and how you can earn Wellable Points for engaging in it.

Physical Activity

1 Step = 0.05 Wellable Points

1 Mile (Walk/Run) = 100 Wellable Points

1 Mile (Cycle) = 30 Wellable Points

Exercise Minute = 5 Wellable Points

Daily Maximum = 600 Wellable Points

Nutrition Logging

1 Meal = 50 Wellable Points

Daily Maximum = 150 Wellable Points




It’s time to be kind to your mind! Mental health is more than the absence of mental disorders—it is a state of well-being that supports effective daily functioning and is experienced differently from one person to the next. When in good shape, mental health equips individuals to tackle life's challenges with clarity and resilience! 

To get started, learn about mental health, familiarize yourself with mental health resources, and discover strategies for navigating mental health in the workplace. Then, engage in five Mental Health Exercises focused on exploring the connection between mental health and different aspects of wellness. To earn Wellable Points, listen to each podclass (shorter, more focused version of a podcast) and log your completion of the associated Mental Health Exercise when finished.

Finally, earn additional Wellable Points by practicing a Self-Care Activity each day—this means prioritizing activities that make you feel good, like getting enough sleep, journaling, exercising, spending time with friends, and doing things you enjoy. After practicing a Self-Care activity, make sure to log its completion by selecting the Special Activity button at the top of your Dashboard. You will earn 20 Wellable Points for engaging in a Self-Care Activity each day and 400 Wellable Points for listening to five short mental health podcasts and for the associated exercises you practice in [CurrentMonth]. Additional optional resources are provided below each podcast link. 

1. Mental Health Exercise: Mental Health + Movement - Podcast

  • Visit Insight Timer for free guided walking meditation videos
  • Subscribe to AloMoves for $6.50/month (Special Myers Group Price) to Access 3,000+ Exercise and Self-Care Videos 

2. Mental Health Exercise: Mental Health + Nutrition - Podcast

3. Mental Health Exercise: Mental Health + Sleep - Podcast

4. Mental Health Exercise: Mental Health + Emotions - Podcast

5. Mental Health Exercise: Mental Health + Burnout - Podcast

Spending time with family, friends, colleagues and pets can substantially increase your emotional wellness. As an incentive to nurture these healing bonds, you can earn 300 Wellable Points for submitting a current photo of you engaging in any self-care activity (i.e. cooking, hiking, dancing, relaxing) with others, including your fur babies. To earn Wellable Points, send your photo to Katy ( After submitting the photo, which can be done only once during the month, you will receive a Verification Code to log the completion of this activity via the Special Activity feature on your Dashboard. In the drop down menu, choose "Mental Health Exercise: Self-Care with Others Photo" and enter the code. 

We encourage you to visit Myers Group Wellness: Mental Health for additional helpful resources, for example breathing and meditation guides, an Emotional Wellness Checklist, free mental health resources, and helpful articles about managing stress. 


Regardless of the month's wellness topic, you may have your own personal health goals that you would like to achieve. We define "Health" broadly so your goal might be to save money to increase your financial health or nurture your relationships to increase your social wellbeing. Whatever your goals are, research shows that you are much more likely to be successful when they are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. We call these SMART goals. You can learn about S.M.A.R.T. goals and how they increase your focus and commitment. Create a S.M.A.R.T. goal to work towards in this S.M.A.R.T. Goal Worksheet. Ask your Wellness Ambassador or Manager for a printed copy of this sheet.

You can earn 500 Wellable Points by emailing a photo of your filled out goal worksheet to Katy Nishida ( You will receive a Verification Code to input and receive your points. To do this, visit your Dashboard, select "SMART Goal" in the Special Activity drop-down, and enter the Verification Code you receive from Katy. You can create as many personal goals as you would like but you will only receive Wellable Points for sending your worksheet once every two months. We advise that you focus on achieving just one meaningful goal before moving on to the next one as this greatly increases your odds for success! If you are looking for inspiration, visit Myers Group Wellness to explore a broad range of health topics.

Myers Group Health Hero!

Every month, a Myers Group Health Hero, nominated by a store manager, will be selected and showcased. A Health Hero is an inspiring employee who has achieved a significant wellness goal through dedication and hard work. For example, a Hero might be someone who achieved their goal to lose 50 pounds, someone who met their financial stability goal by getting rid of credit card debt, or someone who reduced their blood sugar numbers enough to get off diabetes medication. Health Heroes will earn a $40 Myers Group gift card, a Health Hero pin to proudly wear at work, and a framed certificate that will be displayed all month long at their store. If you are interested in being nominated as a Health Hero, talk to your store manager!  

How Do I Sign Up?

If you are already registered with Wellable, you don't have to register for the Continuous Program!

You will automatically be placed into the program on April 1st and you can start earning Wellable Points. The easiest way to participate is to connect an app or device to Wellable. If you have already done this, nice work! Make sure you are tracking activity in your account and your sneakers are laced up and ready to go. If you have not already connected an app or device to Wellable, visit the Bulletin Board in your Wellable account and follow the easy instructions to get set up for the Continuous Program. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to Wellable Support.

Sign in:

Forgot your password?  Reset it here.

If you are not yet registered with Wellable, these are the instructions to get started:

1. Create a Wellable account at* You will receive an email with a temporary password with which to log in.

2. Visit or download the Wellable app on your mobile device.

3. Log in with your email and temporary password and then change your password.

4. Once you are in your Wellable account, you will be in your Bulletin Board where you can learn more about the program and how to sync your device to track physical activity and log meals. You can also visit the Dashboard to log your special activities and the Leaderboard to see your point total and compare it to your co-workers.

*Important note: If you have previously downloaded the Wellable app but never created an account, you will need to delete the app before you create your account.

If you have any questions or issues registering with Wellable, contact their support team at or email Katy Nishida at


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