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Good health means thriving in all aspects of our lives: physical, mental, emotional, occupational, financial and community/social. This portal offers advice, resources, recipes, and tools related to these interconnected dimensions. It also provides information on MG employee programs, updates on MG community events, links to nutrition and fitness coaching, and our tobacco cessation program.

The Continuous Wellness Program

With our new program, you will have the opportunity to learn about a new wellness topic each month, for example, Nutrition, Sleep, Physical Activity, and receive points and rewards ($20, $40, $60 Myers Group gift cards & a fitness tracker) on an ongoing basis just for engaging with the program. No physical activity is required to earn a reward! To register for the program, visit Wellable/The Myers Group.  To learn more details about the program, click below.

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The Myers Group Health Hero of the Month

We are excited to celebrate John (JP) Oedekerk, the recently promoted head of our SEAK Distribution in Juneau, as our May Health Hero! Prior to SEAK, JP worked for Super Bear IGA for a number of years. 

JP has been on an amazing 9-month journey back to good health after a major health crisis that led to significant weight gain. In 2022, JP was diagnosed with a severe joint infection that left him bedridden for close to a year. Although JP and his wife love to cook, his disability and her long hours at work meant that the family relied mainly on frozen foods, fast food and restaurant deliveries for their meals. This poor diet and chronic immobility resulted in him gaining close to 200 pounds. By the time, his infection was cleared, he faced significant physical and emotional challenges to getting back on his feet. 

Spending a year in bed left JP with weak muscles and lack of stamina. He had to learn how to stand and walk. He was also very depressed as the challenges he faced felt insurmountable. However, his dedication to his family helped him find a deep reservoir of strength. He committed to getting stronger, losing weight, and going back to work. Nine months ago, he started physical therapy to work on core strength, balance, and mobility. He dramatically altered his diet, giving up sugar, refined carbohydrates, and fast food. He found healthy recipes online and has been cooking most of the family meals, focusing on lean protein, unsaturated fat, whole grains, and vegetables.  These lifestyle changes resulted in JP losing 98 pounds or over 10 pounds per month! He has increased his strength and stamina dramatically, allowing him to go back to work full-time. He started with just standing for a couple of hours a day and then worked his way up to standing for a full shift at Super Bear and now managing SEAK.  

JP's short term goals are to gain enough strength and stamina to go hunting and fishing with his kids this summer and to play his favorite childhood game, Frisbee Golf, a strenuous game of frisbee in the mountains with his brothers. JP’s longer-term goal is to lose another 100 pounds.  JP’s courage and dedication in addressing his health crisis and significant weight gain are truly remarkable. He wanted to share his story in the hope that it will inspire other people facing similar health challenges to stay strong and not give up. We are grateful for his generosity and also for his dedication to the Myers Group. JP has an exciting year ahead of him with his recent promotion and continued health journey. We can’t wait to see where the year takes him!

Get in Touch

Our Director of Wellness, Katy Nishida, is also available via email with any health related questions you have. Feel free to reach out to her at Katy@myersgroupllc.com. Katy is happy to provide advice and resources on nutrition, fitness, stress management, sleep quality, and so forth.

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